3 comments on “The 5 Second Rule Of Life

  1. How I wish I’d just stop thinking too much and over-analyzing situations! It would make life so much easier, you see I have a hypothetical situation for everything and everyone. Yet, at times when I actually act on impulse, it turns out to be one of the most exciting experiences I’ve been through. So the 5-second rule is indeed a golden one in life, but sometimes we have to stick to picking our leaps. Anyway, interesting take on the topic!! 😀

    • Yes exactly! Like I said the brain just complicates things. I know what you mean I have the hypothetical situations too, they’re like day dreams. It’s the best thought when you do act out and it works almost like those hypothetical situations. You are right though, sometimes you do have to think things through and make sure they are right for you. Thanks for the input, I am glad you found my post interesting.

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