2 comments on “Once You Learn How To Die, You Learn How To Live

  1. I think the last time I felt this very real appreciation of life and what I have is actually when I self diagnosed myself with cancer (false alarm, ahh…I know the internet is a bad place to research your symptoms, but that never stops me I guess) but it did get me to think.The other time was when I went through a near-death experience (an “almost” horrible car accident). The appreciation mostly lasted for 2 days. It’s funny how we know we’re going to die someday, but when we actually “define” that day and limit it to a certain date, time, period, or etc. we frantically search of ways to actually “live” more and start to appreciate more. I guess at times like these it finally hits us, the reality of it all.

  2. Well I am glad that you didn’t actually have cancer and that the car accident wasn’t horrible but don’t worry I research my symptoms and come up with illnesses as well. That’s interesting though, that we can have that feeling for a short amount of time but we can’t hold on to it. I guess its like a lot of big things in life like graduating. You know it is going to happen but it doesn’t sink in until it actually happens. It’s like you said, it doesn’t sink in until it becomes a reality to us.

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