5 comments on “Getting Started

  1. I totally agree! The hardest thing isn’t doing the thing itself but just starting it. It may seem “hard” or whatnot the more you put it off but once you start working on something you realize how easy it is (for the most part). I think I learned this the hard way during my college years when it came to writing those long essays that kept me up all night. 😉

    • That’s exactly how I am learned this! I do everything I can not to do my work but once I start, it is not bad at all. I am starting to do some things earlier and it feel great not to have to worry about them. I sure you felt the same way once you started to get things done.

  2. If you want to get past the starting, think about the ending. Everything in between has already been written by the time you’ve met a deadline…
    I’m good a procrastinating. It’s an unappreciated art form!

    • I’m not sure that is an art I want to master but it definitely can be an art form. That’s a good point, you always work hard when you see the finish line. At least that is my experience from my track days. Thanks for your input!

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